By choosing an inground pool by Patio Design, you ensure coordination of the work, carried out by seasoned project managers, facilitating, and accelerating the stages of purchase, delivery, and installation of a residential swimming pool.

Patio Design only uses its own employees, without intermediaries or subcontractors. Unlike many competitors or general contractors, the degree of mobilization and the level of commitment are therefore tangible in the field.

For an investment like an outdoor inground pool, expertise is essential. From the first to the last day, Patio Design will deliver impeccable service to you.

The Patio Design team offers five models of in-ground swimming pools.

1. Inground pool with insulating formwork

  • Advantages: technique like that of the foundations and solages of Quebec houses. Exceptional durability, therefore rapid profitability.
    • Solution adapted to climatic and seasonal stresses.
    • top of the range system, recommended by Patio Design, which has the best expertise in Quebec to install and deliver this type of inground pool.
    • Reinforced concrete, maintenance free.
    • Design customizable, sizes and formats made to measure, adapted to your terrain.
    • Can be installed in restricted area.
    • Stores heat at night, so saves heating costs during the day.
    • Flexibility and the possibility of delivering it semi-inground, for aesthetic or practical reasons, for example when the difference in level of the ground is sloping.
  • Disadvantage: slightly higher cost to purchase.

Your swimming pool, your way of life

The self-supporting structure of the inground pool in insulating formwork signed Patio Design also offers you the freedom to arrange the edge of your pool with several types of materials and coatings.

This latitude will allow you to create layouts anchored to your lifestyle, to the look of your house and to the whole lot. either in town, in the suburbs or in the forest.

Infinite flexibility

For the tour of your inground pool with insulating formwork, you can therefore opt for a paving stone solution, in < strong> concrete, wood or composite in an infinite choice of textures and colors. The insulating formwork technique eliminates the need for traditional concrete sidewalks which often end up working, warping, and splitting. This flexibility is also tangible at the bottom of the water. Flat bottom, at 45 degrees, with or without diving pit: with this inground pool solution from Patio Design, everything becomes possible.

2. Fiberglass inground pool

  • Advantage: quick and easy installation
  • Disadvantage: less adapted to the temperatures here

3. Inground steel pool

  • Advantage: low costs
  • Disadvantage: steel is a conductor of temperature. As the pool gets cold at night, your heat pump bills will go up significantly.

4. Resin inground pool

  • Advantage: rot-proof polystyrene panels
  • Disadvantage: expensive. In addition, the resin has not necessarily been proven over several decades of use in in-ground swimming pools in Quebec.

5. Inground shotcrete pool

  • Advantage: top of the range and flexibility
  • Disadvantage: high costs and high precision handling, requiring expertise that is sometimes difficult to achieve in the field. Each project of this type carries an element of risk due to the extreme thoroughness required when applying concrete.

Swim in happiness, with Patio Design

What sets Patio Design apart from its competitors is that beyond its expertise in the installation and layout of in-ground swimming pools, you will also benefit from the unparalleled experience and a turnkey delivery for your entire backyard.

  • Global and long-term vision of the project
  • Inventory and materials already available in warehouse
  • Respect of the delivery schedule
  • Quality materials
  • Quick installation
  • No subcontractor, only salaried specialists
  • Fully dedicated team and machinery